Squad Support Landship

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Squad Support Landship
Squad support landship.PNG
Position 1
Position 2
57mm Case Cannon
Position 3
57mm Case Cannon
Position 4
Position 5
Gadget Slot
Track Repair
Defensive Slot
Drop Supplies

The Squad Support Landship is a package for the Landship in Battlefield 1.

In-Game Text

With the capacity to carry an entire squad, this version can be a powerful offensive Landship, and at the same time support friendly infantry in its proximity.



The Mark V Landship controls like all other tanks, with a few differences. For one, this tank is faster than it other, bulkier counterpart, the Moving Fortress. The tank contains five positions to engage in, hence the name, "Squad Support Landship." The gunning spots contain:

  • 1/4/5) LMG
  • 2/3) 57mm Case Cannon

This tank is slimmer than the others, giving it advantages in trench battles, as some of the wider trenches are pathways for these slick beasts. To exploit it, try to get it to follow you to a spot that will get it stuck. It would help to have more players help you. You could also throw a Light Anti-Tank Grenade at it to destroy it. One weakness this tank has is the fact there is no back guard. Someone could sneak up behind and damage it.

It has serious firepower. Each gun protruding from it has unlimited ammo, like every other vehicle. Though, there is a cool down involved. The bullets can be very accurate for hitting the enemy, too. The tank has no problem driving through walls at top speed, killing anyone it runs over.

They are found mainly in the Conquest and Operations, due to the size of the battlefields.

With this tank, you can also have a track repair, who fixes the tank fast, and a defensive slot that drops supplies for allies.