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How to start?

The Russian version of the article Boat would be Boat/ru - just add /ru after the address of the English wiki article. Save this to start a new page in language.

Then go to the English version of the article you want to translate in a new tab in your browser and click on Edit in the upper-right corner of the page. Select everything in the box and copy it. Paste the original article into the new language article and translate away! At the very beginning of the Russian article, make sure you add the template {{project|Russian translation}} to display a little box to indicate the page belongs to the project and to add the article to the Russian translation category.

  • Edit this project page and put a link to the article you're translaing in the Progress list under Pages being translated (* [[Boat/ru]] ~~~~) to avoid redundant or conflicting translations. The 4 tildes will sign your name and put a timestamp on the article you are translating.
  • When you're finished, remove the link from Pages being translated and paste it into Translated under the appropriate section, replacing the link text with the translated name of the article ([[Boat/ru|Boat ru]]{{•}}) in the list.


Remember to put ~~~~ after your name when adding it to this list.


Translated articles

Translated templates